What is the Critical Safety Check?

The Critical Safety Check is a service provided by VACC members for motorists when you book your car in for a service. Why get a safety check? Click through the points below to find out:

Tyres provide the necessary grip and steering for your vehicle and cannot be under estimated in their importance to safety. Tyres are your only your contact with the road. Correct inflation of your tyres not only extends the life of the tyre but also assists with fuel economy. To extend the life of your tyres, ask your VACC repairer to check the pressures and condition of your tyres and rotate your wheels where necessary and if required at your next service.
Braking System
Any change in the feel of the brake pedal is a sign that braking efficiency may be compromised and needs immediate attention. Loss of pedal feel can indicate a very serious problem with your vehicle's brakes which may result in sudden and unexpected failure. If the pedal starts to feel soft or contacts the floor, do not drive on. Call a VACC member and have the braking system checked immediately.
Steering & Suspension
Suspension is a vital part of your vehicle and should be checked regularly. This includes control arms, shock absorbers, springs, steering linkages and many other components. Correct wheel alignment also prolongs tyre life, making driving easier and reducing fuel consumption.
Headlights, brake lights, indicators and interior lights are extremely important to ensure your car can be seen in all weather, from any direction. If your headlights are not aimed properly you may not be able to see the road and surrounds clearly, and your lights can dazzle other motorists.
The restraint of passengers is crucial to reduce serious injury or worse, death. Frayed and worn material or inoperable rollers are extremely important to the correct operation of the entire seat belt. Ask your VACC member to check for damaged restraints or components at your next service.

First, give yourself a tick for taking vehicle safety seriously. Next, find your local VACC member to tick off the critical safety features of your vehicle. Finally, get ready to put yourself in the draw to win big with our upcoming competition! Check back at a later date for details.